What causes bleeding from urinary tract?

I have suddenly had large amount so blood coming from either where I urinate or vaginally. Twice today =once at about noon and again at 4:30

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need assessment

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It can be difficult to determine without examination and testing , if the blood is genital or from the urinary tract.

If it is from the urinary tract, it should only be seen on urination either in the toilet or on wiping. In general there should be no blood seen in the underwear otherwise.

If it is from the genital organs then at least small amounts of blood may be seen in the lining of the clothes.

Blood in the urinary tract is most commonly related to infection though there are other causes such as: (1) stones,
(2) side effect of medication (anticoagulants),
(3)mass in the urinary tract (bladder, ureter, urethra or kidney)
(4)blood disorder
(6(inflammatory kidney disease

In most cases of these urinary disorders there may be other symptoms related to the urinary tract such as frequent urination, pain on urination, pain


Blood from the genital tract may be from the vaginal area, cervix, uterus, ovaries or tubes.
IT can be due to: (1)genital atrophy- after menopause the vaginal walls and other aspects of the genital start to become dry and atrophy. This can lead to bleeding

(2)polyps (non cancerous growths) of the cervix or uterus


(4)endometrial hyperplasia- The endometrium is the internal lining of the uterus.
Endometrial hyperplasia is increased thickness of the uterus. In some cases the change may be non cancerous, in other cases it may be related to cancer.

(5)endometrial cancer

To determine the exact cause, you need to consider visiting your doctor.

He or she would be able to examine you (abdominal and genital examination) and conduct tests.
A urine analysis would be needed and an ultrasound may also be suggested.

The ultrasound would be to take a look at both systems (urinary tract and genitalia).

If the ultrasound identifies any changes in the uterus, a biopsy may needed.

Treatment would depend on the cause found during assessment.

It is quite possible and likely that it is not related to any serious condition but only examination and investigations would be able to determine this.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions

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