What is the cause for feeling tired, frequent urination, dry skin and hair loss?

hi, for a very long time i feel very tired and very very sleepy, i go to bathroom lot, even if i take a sip of water i will right-away go urinate lot, all water keep drainig from me, my skin is very dry,i am loosing lot of hair ............. help please
I forgot to let you know also that i feel cold all the time, even when it is hot for others, also i have very very poor memory, and time to time i have back pain. I am now thinking that all of this connected with my often urinating which is not normal to go that much, all water drains from me even more that i am drinking. If i drink one cup of water i will flash out right away ten time more. Please help. thank you in advance

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You are suffering from polyuria (increased frequency of urination). Most probably it is osmotic diuresis for some reason as you seem to be hypovolemic (water being drained from your body). It can be due to diuretic use (a medicine), diabetes mellitus, kidney dysfunction.

From your combination of symptoms it can also be due to increase in serum calcium levels and possible hyperparathyroidism. Back pain may also be because of some kidney issue, which can also cause similar symptoms. Diabetes insipidus also should be ruled out.

Thus I would recommend some investigations below:
- Urine sodium concentraion.
- Serum calcium and vit D level
- Serum Parathormone assay
- Urinalysis
- 24 hr osmole excretion rate estimation in urine
- Blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine
- thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH)
- Fasting blood glucose and glucose tolerance test.
- Water deprivation test

Since you are becoming hypovolemic, it should not be ignored. Preferably you should get further treatment in hospital setting.

Hope it helps.

Let me know if I can assist you further

Dr Vaishalee

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