Toddler is passing green watery stool. Not cured by nutolin-b. What should be done?

my son is 4 month old , he passes green watery stool daily . doctor adviced to take nutolin-b i have given it for 4 days. meantime stool becomes yellow but they again turn green now.


my son is on exclusive breast feeding. he has no problem with feeding and urine output. if green stools continue should i leave it as it is.


Thanks for writing to us.

Green colour of stools is due to rapid transition of stools. It is not a concerning problem and you need not to worry about it.

Exclusively breast feeding should be done till 6 months of age and most important is to maintain and monitor hydration status of your baby.

Continue giving nutrolin-B for few days. You may also want to add zinc supplements for 14 days. Your pediatrician will know about zinc supplement syrups - you can discuss with him/her. In addition watch for;
- His overall activity.
- feeding pattern.
- Urine output.
Reduced activity, feeding pattern and urine output needs to be reported immediately to your doctor.

Hope I have answered your query. If you have any further question I would be glad to help.

Wishing your baby good health.

God bless...

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Dr. Prasad


Thanks for your follow up.

Yes, you need not to worry. It will settle in few days.
You should avoid gas forming food items in your diet; avoid spicy and fried food as mother diet has an important role.

Take care.

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Dr. Shanthi.E

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