Suffering from ringing in ears, headache, stress and weight gain. What is the solution?

I am 68 year old female, was generally good health and for the last week by BP went up and is fluctuating to 212/80 and on yesterday the top number was at 186 - I been treated for sinus infections due to ringing in the ears and severe headache, seems if though I have marbles in my head. I have been under stress and my weight has increased about 10lbs in the last months. I take 40mg of nexium daily.

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You need urgent investigations and treatment

Detailed Answer:
Dear Mam.

I need to tell you first of all that sinus surgery has no relation with your BP.

I Really doubt that previously your blood pressure was normal.

However, since now you have high BP, let me tell you the various common causes of hypertension
1.Systemic Hypertension : That is we usually see with growing age.
2.Secondary hypertension : Has multiple reasons like Chronic kidney disease , Renal artery stenosis, pheochromoctytoma, vasculitis and many more.

Here comes how to differentiate. See at two extremes of age, secondary hypertension has to be ruled out especially if it is in the range you are describing.

So, i advise you to get the following investigations under guidance of your family physician:
1. Hemoglobin
2. Kidney Function Tests
3. ECG
4. Chest X-ray
5. Lipid profile

Results of these investigations will guide us to further investigations , if required.

And let me clear you that just mental stress can't make your BP rise to 212/80 mm Hg.
And since yesterday your systolic BP (top number in your terms) was again 180 mm Hg, so i don't think that the previous BP was a technical error.

I need to know what symptoms you had for which you got your BP checked.

BP of 212/80 mm Hg is a Hypertensive emergency, your doctor must have advised you admission.
If not, you should get your complete evaluation done at the earliest by starting with the investigations i have mentioned above.
You also mentioned about Sinus infection, tell us if you have any sinus polyps , we will consider wegner's granulomatosis (a type of vasculitis)
If you have doubt that you were hypertensive earlier or not, Your ECG will give us an idea.
Also you can get your eye examination done that is Fundus examination for Hypertensive Retinopathy.
You need to be started immediately on Anti-Hypertensive medications, there are a no. of them, like ACE inhibitors, Beta Blockers, Calcium channel blockers, diuretics and many more, that your physician will decide after your physical examination and investigations.

You need to know long term complications of hypertension, that eventually develops if not controlled properly:
1. Hypertensive Nephropathy (Kidney involvement)
2. Hypertensive Retinopathy (Eye Involvement)
3. Cardiovascular diseases like Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
4. Peripheral Vascular Diseases (Involvement of blood vessels of your limbs causing pain, necrosis and gangrene)
5. Cerebro-vascular accidents

See, i am not at all trying to give you more Stress. I am just concerned for your good health, as hypertension can be easily controlled.

I hope i am able to solve your query, still you want to know anything, just ask us.
Stay Healthy

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Dr. Vaishalee Punj

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