Prolonged pain on the face, neck and shoulder. Stabbing pain in the head. Treatment?

Symptoms: prolonged, constant pain and pressure down left side of face from nose to ear, to jaw, to forehead. Some pain in left side of neck and top of shoulder. Tender scalp left side. Tender behind left ear. Occasional stabbing pain in left side of head. Pain in top teeth on left sideCan go for weeks without an episode. This time, still suffering after one and a half days.

Hello and thanks for your query.

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Your symptoms would need tests like CT scans to ascertain the issues related to the ear that you might have in the background of otosclerosis history. It appears to me the cause would most likely be in the ear. tenderness indicates acute inflammation - which would require immediate medical help.

I do not know your epileptic and depression history, when I looked at your medications, but another possibility of trigeminal or other neuralgias can also sometimes co-exist and would need an examination.

Analgesics, a course of antibiotics would have to be prescribed. And assessed for any surgical intervention need in case overlapping with chronic infective changes. Your specialist should enlighten more when he would see you.

Let me know if I have missed out any other concern in your question.

Yet again, I duly appreciate your query to me, I do hope that you have found something useful to help you and I shall be glad to answer any further apprehensions.


Dr Sujeet N Charugulla, MBBS, MD
Consultant Physician.

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Dr. Raju A.T

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