What causes small on the inside of my lower leg?

I have this small on the inside of my lower leg, i have it quite a number of years now. It is slightly raised white and shiny with a red halo around it. The lump itself doesnt hurt but the area around it can sometimes be tender. I wondered if you had a idea on what it may be. Thankyou

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Possibility of Dermatofibroma

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I am Dr. Kakkar. I have gone through your query. I would keep a possibility if Dermatofibroma.

Though, I would like to confirm it 100% by looking at it. Can you upload a good clarity picture of the lesion?

Dermatofibroma frequently develops on the extremities (mostly the lower legs) and is usually asymptomatic, although pruritus and tenderness can be present. Usually dermatofibromas appear alone, but sometimes there may be several.

On palpation, the hard nodule may feel like a small pebble fixed. Tenderness may be elicited with manipulation of the lesion. A dermatofibroma usually dimple inward when pinched.

Possible causes of dermatofibroma are: A minor injury in the form of a prick, insect bite etc

Dermatofibroma are best ignored. However, Dermatofibroma can be removed surgically by excision biopsy, and subsequently sent for histopathological confirmation.


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Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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